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Yalantis Meetup:
Embedded edition



Mykhailo Maidan

Head of Rust Department

Mykhailo has 7+ years of software development experience and worked for 5 years as an Embedded Engineer using C/C++. Was engaged in the software development for Wind Turbine and industrial building devices. For the last two years has been working with Rust as Technical Lead. Teaches cross-platform development tools at Lviv Polytechnic.

Volodymyr Paliichuk

Middle Embedded Engineer

Volodymyr has 7+ years in IT experience and worked for 2 years in the Industrial and IoT domains. Experienced Embedded C/C++ developer with a strong foundation in programming languages and proficiency in various software development tools. Expertise in electronics, debugging, and experience with various embedded systems, including experience with RTOS and Embedded Linux. With practical experience in Industrial and IoT domains.


Using k8s for orchestrating devices in edge computing
Mykhailo Maidan

As IoT and Edge Computing are gaining traction, a new challenge arises – the need to connect numerous devices into a single network and effectively manage them. In his presentation, Mykhailo will discuss the benefits of using Kubernetes to control applications and IoT gadgets.

Language: Ukraine

Drones: Communication, Control, DIY
Volodymyr Paliichuk

Together with the speaker, explore the world of drones! We will delve into various fields where drones are applied and learn how to control them. You will get practical information on how to build your own drone, including autopilot controllers, assembly tips, and interesting DIY tricks.

Language: Ukraine



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