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Yalantis Meetup:
AI&ML edition

June 13, 2023, Warsaw

 🇺🇦🇮🇩On June 13, Yalantis brought together the Ukrainian IT community for the first offline meetup dedicated to AI&ML in Warsaw!

It goes without saying that the topic of artificial intelligence generates a great deal of discussions, debates, and questions, especially in 2023.


Yalantis: AI&ML edition is:

  • 3 hours of high-quality content and networking

  • 4 speakers from Yalantis

  • 2 technical and 2 business topics

  • over 70 participants

We thank the participants for their questions, valuable networking, and the opportunity to gather a powerful Ukrainian professional community in Poland!

The Conference


Denis Doronin.png

Denys Doronin

Chief Technology Officer

Passionate about ML/AI and innovative technologies. Denys has more than 8 years of experience in building prediction models, using cutting-edge techniques such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, and classification/clusterization algorithms.

Maksym Moskvychev

Head of Architecture Design Office

A tech leader with strong skills in managing engineering departments such as people management, process management, solutions architecture, and cloud architecture. Maksym’s principles rely on data-driven discussions, care of customers, strong documentation, and motivation through transparency.

Serhii Zhuravel.png

Serhii Zhuravel

Director of Engineering

Certified PM & BA and Enterprise Architect and a PhD in Computer Science. Having over 10 years of experience in IT, particularly in FinTech and HealthTech, Seghii is a founder and a speaker of the BA club in Ukraine.

Denys Hukov.png

Denys Hukov

Program and Delivery Manager

Denys has a track record of successfully developing teams of 3 to 90 people and leading 12 technical teams simultaneously. He managed to deliver top-notch software solutions, and create a consumer-oriented culture. Has prestigious international certifications including PMI-PMP, PMI-ACP and ICAgile.


How AI&ML disrupt different businesses of all sizes
Denys Doronin

Machine learning (ML) has the potential to revolutionize businesses of all sizes by providing insights and predictions that can help inform critical decisions. Small and medium businesses or large enterprises have different needs but there is always one common objective independent of size. Which one? Come to our conference to figure it out!

Language: Ukraine

Architecture design techniques on example of ML project
Maksym Moskvychev

The presentation will reveal the most effective design techniques that help solution architects to structure their work. We will talk about Constraints, Business goals, Use cases, Architecture concerns, C4 model, Buy or Build, Decision log, Thoughtworks tech radar, and TOGAF.

Language: Ukraine

ML use cases
Serhii Zhuravel

We will dive into the ML concept, slice it, and define potential use cases. How to explain ML to a kid?

How to apply it to your project? How to understand all the magic inside? We’re going to shed light on all these topics.

Language: Ukraine

AI and ML-driven advancements and
emerging trends in IoT software projects
Denys Hukov

Our primary focus will be on forthcoming trends and innovations in IoT software projects, particularly propelled by the advancements of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. You will gain valuable insights on how AI and ML can be leveraged to optimize IoT software, enhance data analysis, improve decision-making processes, and unlock new opportunities for innovation in various industries. We'll discuss latest trends, cutting-edge innovations, and groundbreaking applications that are shaping the future of IoT technologies.

Language: Ukraine



Thanks for registration! You will find videos at the link

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